In this video, I describe the concept behind the song, Anthroposin Interlude, a recurring track in the album, M.E. VI (a requiem).

The main theme in this song builds on the concept of the Anthropocene, the current epoch of geological history. The song contrasts the second part of the word – cene – with the word “sin”. It contrasts the sacred and the profane – a common literary device.

Full Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rob Teplansky of Strong T, and today, I thought I’d talk a bit about one of the more curious pieces on the album M.E. VI (a requiem). And that piece is Anthroposin Interlude. And, in fact, the concept and the music are two completely different stories. So in this segment, I’ll be addressing the concept. Keep an eye out for the second segment on the music for the full picture.

Now, although this is one of the shorter pieces, its concept is central to the album, and was one of the first things that fell into place for me as I developed its structure. The important central idea here is the concept of the Anthropocene.

What is the Anthropocene? I’ll tell you in just a second. But before I do, I want to remind you to subscribe, follow or like, so you don’t miss a single Strong T video. And remember, the album M.E. VI (a requiem) is available December 7, 2022 to purchase as a digital download and digital stream on Bandcamp. Just go to You can also find it on your favorite streaming service.
So, what is the Anthropocene?

Well, scientists break down the history of the earth into geological epochs, which are defined by the dominant geological factors that influenced climate and the environment and, therefore, the development of life during those periods. Many scientists refer to the current epoch as the Anthropocene because for the first time, the dominant factor influencing climate and the environment is not a geological factor, but the influence of humans.

So, as I was working on the concept for the album, I became obsessed with how the last part of the word Anthropocene – “cene” was so similar to the word “sin”. And given the enormous moral consequences of the Anthropocene, climate change and a 6th mass extinction, the ability to set the sacred and profane in stark contrast by taking advantage of this was very attractive as a major theme. In fact, contrasting the sacred and the profane is a powerful device that has been used throughout literature, theater, music and other art forms.

Now, since I had decided to also present multiple points of view within the album, it was just natural that the accusation of sin would be voiced from sentient souls that weren’t human. But what would they say?

I made several attempts at creating lyrics for a song that used the contrast between the words Anthropocene and Anthroposin as their central theme, but it always seemed to get bogged down and took things in directions that just didn’t work for me. So I tossed them all out, and eventually decided that the contrast itself was the song. It just didn’t need anything else. It could be short. And if I used it as a recurring interlude throughout the album, it could actually serve as a sort of Greek chorus for the album. So I began envisioning it as a chorus of sentient souls that would fade in and then out as they marched, chanting and condemning, through the album at various points.

But I added one more element. And that additional element is that each time the chorus appears, we get a more degraded version of the original as the slow decline into extinction continues, and that’s why each version of the interlude becomes shorter and shorter until you have just the single condemnation – SIN! –hissed by the chorus.

So there you have it – the concept behind the Anthroposin Interlude. I hope you found it interesting and that it adds to your experience with the album M.E VI (a requiem). Thanks for your support and for listening!

Until next time, peace…

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