I’m pleased and honored to share that I am now included, along with a distinguished group of international artists, on the Artists for Ecocide Law page of Stop Ecocide International (https://www.stopecocide.earth/artists-for-ecocide-law). The artists work across a wide range of media, from the visual arts to music, literature, film, performance art and more. But what we share is concern for the planet and its life-sustaining environment and ecosystems. Stop Ecocide International is the driving force behind the movement to make ecocide an international crime.

As an artist and musician, I was compelled to record an album that takes the listener on an exploration of what it means to be the cause and how it feels to be the victim of a sixth mass extinction. Stop Ecocide and the criminalization of ecocide is important as society grasps for solutions that will prevent the further destruction of critical habitats and species. Every day, we learn about more ways in which we are interconnected, and each tragic loss is a loss for all of us. The Anthropocene becomes the Anthroposin! I invite you to listen to my music, explore the work of the other featured artists, and to learn more about Stop Ecocide International.

My album, M.E. VI (a requiem), is available for digital download on Bandcamp at https://music.strong-t.com. You can listen to it on my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@StrongT) or on your favorite music streaming service.