The release date of M.E. VI (a requiem) is now less than a month away. The tracks are complete and the masters have been sent for distribution. All that’s left is for me to tell you all I can about it until you can finally listen for yourself.

Since I have the tracks and all their details, I thought I would share the track list, along with the track lengths.

If you’re interested in previews of the tracks, they will be embedded in the two video series I’m creating now. The first is the COP-DROP series, in which I am sharing my impressions from the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference and the COP15 United Nations Biodiversity Conference. The second series is a set of short clips from the songs that are put to compelling photos and videos that represent the important climate change and extinction topics I explore in the album. I’m calling these M.E. VI previews. The first will be published next week.

Here’s what’s on the album.

M.E. VI (a requiem)

  1. Life’s a Gas in the Greenhouse  04:12
  2. Glacial Speed  03:41
  3. Anthroposin Interlude I  01:47
  4. So Still, My Love  04:10
  5. Receding Without Rest (Run for Your Lives!)  04:08
  6. Anthroposin Interlude II  01:09
  7. Cry  05:00
  8. Anthroposin Interlude III  00:21
  9. Too Late  03:50
  10. Iudicium Interlude  01:35
  11. The Judgment  06:18

I’ll describe some of the tracks in greater detail in future posts. But for now, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any of the COP-DROPS or previews.